Science and Technology  December 07, 2016
Fight over revolutionary genetic advance goes to court in US
The DNA double helixA fierce legal battle over the patent for a revolutionary gene-editing technique played out Tuesday in a US court, with billions of dollars at stake.The tool called CRISPR-Cas9 -- hailed as faster, cheaper and more accurate than current gene-snipping methods -- holds fabulous promise for applications in medicine and agriculture.It is to genetics wh...  Full Story
US risks five-fold jump in extreme rainfall: study
Summertime downpours are predicted to multiply across the continental United States, but the highly-populated Gulf and Atlantic coasts, along with much of the Southwest, would be hit especially hardLarge swathes of the United States could see a five-fold jump in the frequency of extreme downpours by century's end due to climate change, according to a study released Monday.Moreover, the intensity of those bouts could increase by about 70 percent, researchers reported in the journal Nature Climate Change.That would mean that a storm dropping fi...  Full Story
'Riskiest city' for HIV, Miami opens first needle exchange
Hansel Tookes, a doctor at the University of Miami, holds needles that will be given away to addicts at a new syringe exchange program, the first ever to open in a city where HIV rates are about double that of most major US citiesHomeless men curl up on mattresses along a broken sidewalk littered with trash and syringes in Miami, a city struggling with the highest rate of new HIV infections of any big American metropolis.Around the corner, Florida's first-ever needle exchange program opens Thursday, decades later than in many parts of the United States, and experts hope not...  Full Story
Miniature monkeys reunited after Australia zoo theft
The marmosets, also known as thumb monkeys, are in demand on the black market as petsTwo men were charged Monday with stealing rare pygmy marmosets from an Australian wildlife park as a baby was reunited with her mum and the hunt continued to find dad.Three of the monkeys, the world's smallest, were snatched from their enclosure at the Symbio Wildlife Park south of Sydney on Saturday, with police and zookeepers launching a desperat...  Full Story
Puggles snuggle down in Sydney after rare echidna zoo births
Echidnas, or spiny anteaters, are notoriously difficult to breed in human careSydney's Taronga Zoo is celebrating its first successful echidna births in 30 years with three healthy babies, known as puggles, from three different mums hatching within days of each other.Echidnas, or spiny anteaters, are notoriously difficult to breed in human care, but keepers at the zoo are pleased with the progress of the tiny trio and first-...  Full Story
Eli Lilly Alzheimer's drug fails in clinical trial
Eli Lilly said it will abandon attempts to get regulatory approval for the AlzheimerAn experimental drug to fight Alzheimer's disease, called solanezumab, failed in a major clinical trial, the US pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly said Wednesday, as experts called the results "disappointing.""Solanezumab did not meet the primary endpoint in the EXPEDITION 3 clinical trial, a phase 3 study of solanezumab in people with mild dementia du...  Full Story
More hurricanes likely for northeast US: study
A satellite image of Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012 in the Atlantic OceanA study warned Wednesday of hurricanes hitting the US northeast coast more frequently in future due to climate change caused by fossil fuel emissions.As the planet has warmed over the last few hundred years, Atlantic hurricanes have moved gradually northward from the western Caribbean to northern North America, said a study in the journal Scientifi...  Full Story
Comoros say on the cusp of eradicating malaria
Some 214 million cases of malaria were reported worldwide last year, killing 438,000 people, mainly in Africa, according to the World Health OrganizationThough victory is yet to be officially declared, Comoros health authorities believe the three islands of the Indian Ocean archipelago are on the cusp of being malaria-free."With eight cases in 2015 in Anjouan and three in Moheli, we can say we have reached the phase of total elimination of the epidemic, although sporadic cases are still recorded on...  Full Story