Science and Technology  December 22, 2014
ISS crew gets new ratchet -- over email
This NASA photo obtained December 20, 2014, shows ISS Commander Butch Wilmore holding up a ratchet after removing it from a print trayThere may be no corner hardware store at the International Space Station, but that doesn't mean the astronauts can't get what they need.In a first, the space station crew was able to craft a new tool in space, using their specially designed Zero-G 3D printer and a design emailed from the ground.The tool, a ratchet, was designed by Made in Space, th...  Full Story
Caramel apple bacteria kills at least 4 in US
Close-up shows a strain of listeria bacteria in the laboratory of departmental analysis of the Channel in St Lo, western France on May 10, 2000A listeria outbreak believed to originate from commercially packaged caramel apples has killed at least four people in the United States and sickened 28 people since November, officials said Friday.Listeria monocytogenes is caused by a bacteria and can cause life-threatening illness. It is particularly dangerous for children, the elderly and pregna...  Full Story
New suit for Ebola workers promises more comfort, safety
A new and improved prototype bio-hazard suit specifically targeted for viral outbreaks such as Ebola is seen at the Johns Hopkins Biomedical Engineering Laboratory for Innovation and Design on December 18, 2014For health care workers on the front lines of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, risking their lives in stifling protective suits, relief could soon be on the way.Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have developed a new-style outfit that is not only more comfortable, but also less likely to accidentally infect its users.Conceived during a weeke...  Full Story
Experts 'grasping at straws' to save near-extinct rhino
An extremely endangered northern white rhinoceros on December 20, 2009 at the Ol Pejeta reserveSo how exactly do you save an almost extinct rhinoceros? Turns out, a test tube baby rhino could be the solution, being sought by experts on three continents. But it won't be easy.Keepers at California's world-renowned San Diego Zoo announced this week that Angalifu, one of its two northern white rhinos, had died at the ripe old age of 44.That leav...  Full Story
SpaceX postpones launch after rocket 'issues'
This undated NASA image shows SpaceXSpaceX on Thursday postponed the planned launch later this week of its unmanned Dragon cargo ship after unspecified "issues" arose during a launchpad test, the company said in a statement.The launch of the Dragon atop the Falcon 9 rocket, initially set for Friday, will now take place no earlier than January 6, SpaceX said."The new launch date will ...  Full Story
EU court says obesity can be disability
A person with a body mass index of 30 or more is classified as obese, which is a major risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancerThe European Union's highest court ruled Thursday that obesity can be considered a "disability" if it hinders an overweight person's performance at work.The European Court of Justice had been asked by a Danish court to consider the case of a child minder in Denmark who said he was fired four years ago because he is obese.The employee, Karsten Kalto...  Full Story
California needs 11 trillion gallons of water: NASA
A vehicle raises a large dust cloud as it drives on a parched farm field in Los Banos, California on September 23, 2014California needs 11 trillion gallons of water to recover from its three-year drought, the US space agency said Tuesday after studying water resources by using satellite data.The first of its kind calculation of how much groundwater would end the drought was led by Jay Famiglietti of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California and based...  Full Story
Antibiotics resistance could kill 10 million a year by 2050
A British government-commissioned review has found that resistance to antibiotics could account for 10 million deaths a year and hit global gross domestic product by 2.0 to 3.5 percent by 2050A British government-commissioned review has found that resistance to antibiotics could account for 10 million deaths a year and hit global gross domestic product by 2.0 to 3.5 percent by 2050.The Review on Antimicrobial Resistance said surgeries that have become widespread and low-risk thanks to antibiotics, such as caesarean sections, could becom...  Full Story