Science and Technology  November 27, 2015
Four pre-Inca tombs found in Peru's Lima
The find confirms the historical presence in Lima of the Ichma culture which took hold on the central coast around 1000 and disappeared around 1450 as Inca civilization began to spreadArchaeologists in Peru have found four tombs that are more than 1,000 years old in a pyramid-shaped cemetery that now sits in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Lima, experts said."There are four human burial sites, for adult individuals, three women and one man, who lived between the years 1000 to 1450," said archaeologist Isabel Flores, ...  Full Story
US scientists work to breed malaria-free mosquitos
US researchers insert parasite-blocking genes in the DNA of Anopheles stephensi mosquitos, which are a leading vector of malaria in Asia, to ensure that these genes are passed on to the bugsUS researchers have carried out genetic tweaks to malaria-carrying mosquitos so their offspring feature genes that block the parasite which causes the disease, opening the way to eradicating it.Previous studies in recent years had already shown it was possible to modify mosquitos genetically so they neutralize the parasite called Plasmodium falcipa...  Full Story
Rare white rhino dies in US
The northern white rhino on the brink of extinctionA northern white rhinoceros -- one of just four remaining worldwide -- has died at the San Diego Zoo, officials said.The 41-year-old female known as Nola saw her health take a quick turn for the worse. "Early this morning, the team made the difficult decision to euthanize her," the zoo said in a statement.The animal -- battling an infection and oth...  Full Story
Nearly 2 mn children in Sudan malnourished: UNICEF
Some two million Sudanese children under five suffer from malnutrition every year, UNICEFSome two million Sudanese children under five suffer from malnutrition every year, UNICEF's representative said on Sunday, urging the international community to boost funding to tackle the problem.Of those two million, nearly 550,000 children have life-threatening severe acute malnutrition, with many of those affected living in the underdeveloped e...  Full Story
NASA calls on SpaceX to send astronauts to ISS
This June 28, 2015 grab from NASA TV shows the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with the unmanned Dragon cargo capsule on board shortly after launching from Cape Canaveral, FloridaSpaceX received orders Friday from the US space agency to send astronauts to the International Space Station in the coming years, helping restore US access to space, NASA said.The announcement was a formal step in a process that began earlier this year when Boeing was given the nod by NASA to send crew to the orbiting outpost by late 2017.Both Boei...  Full Story
US government ends research on all chimpanzees
Captive chimpanzees were listed as endangered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service last yearChimpanzees will no longer be used for US government research and the remaining 50 chimps in federal custody will be sent to a sanctuary for retirement, health authorities said. The decision by the National Institutes of Health came two and a half years after the agency announced it would phase out most of its biomedical research using chimpanzees...  Full Story
Coffee-drinkers less likely to die from certain diseases
Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee are shown to have benefits in a new US study People who report drinking three to five cups of coffee per day are less likely to die prematurely from heart disease, suicide, diabetes or Parkinson's disease, US researchers said Monday. Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee were shown to have benefits, said the study by researchers at the Harvard University Chan School of Public Health publi...  Full Story
New York team announces fire fighter's face transplant
This November 12, 2015 photo from video provided by the NYU Langone Medical Center shows face transplant patient Patrick Hardison during his recovery at the NYU Langone Medical Center in New YorkA New York medical center said Monday it had carried out the most complex and comprehensive face transplant to date, operating on a fire fighter horribly disfigured in 2001.More than 100 doctors, nurses and medical support staff took part in the 26-hour operation on August 14-15 at the NYU Langone Medical Center after more than a year of preparatio...  Full Story