Science and Technology  April 19, 2014
SpaceX launches Dragon capsule to ISS
SpaceXPrivate US firm SpaceX launched its unmanned Dragon capsule to the International Space Station on Friday, its third trip carrying supplies and equipment to the orbiting lab. After three earlier delays, the Falcon 9 rocket and its Dragon capsule finally blasted off as planned at 3:25 pm (1925 GMT) from Cape Canaveral in Florida.About 10 minutes afte...  Full Story
US scientists make embryonic stem cells from adult skin
A researcher works on stem cells at a stem cell institute in Farmington, Connecticut, on August 27, 2010For the first time, US researchers have cloned embryonic stem cells from adult cells, a breakthrough on the path towards helping doctors treat a host of diseases.The embryonic stem cells -- which were created by fusing an adult skin cell with an egg cell that had been stripped of genetic material -- were genetically identical to the donors.The hope...  Full Story
Quest for extraterrestrial life not over: experts
This artistThe discovery of an Earth-sized planet in the "habitable" zone of a distant star, though exciting, is still a long way from pointing to the existence of extraterrestrial life, experts said Friday.The planet, dubbed Kepler-186f, is the first of this size found orbiting its star at a distance that would allow it to have liquid water -- a prerequisite...  Full Story
First Earth-sized planet found in 'habitable zone': NASA
This photo provided by NASA on May 16, 2013 shows the Kepler Space Observatory during assemblyThe hunt for potential life in outer space has taken a step forward -- an international team of researchers has discovered the first Earth-sized planet within the "habitable zone" of another star.The exoplanet dubbed Kepler-186f was first spotted by scientists using NASA's Kepler telescope, according to research published Thursday in the US journal...  Full Story
Honda's new ASIMO robot, more human-like than ever
Honda North America makes their North American debut of their new Asimo Robot as it demonstrates its ability to pour a liquid at a news conference on April 16, 2014 in New YorkIt walks and runs, even up and down stairs. It can open a bottle and serve a drink, and politely tries to shake hands with a stranger. Meet the latest ASIMO, Honda's humanoid robot."Hello New York! Thank you for coming today!" the little guy chirped in English, the recorded voice of a teenaged boy, at his US debut Wednesday in a Manhattan hotel. Re...  Full Story
Americas to get glimpse of total lunar eclipse
A partial solar eclipse is seen from space in this NASA image from January 30, 2014 A total lunar eclipse, the first since December 2011, will take place Tuesday with the Americas best placed to get a glimpse. With a first phase -- known as a penumbral eclipse -- kicking off at 0453 GMT, the total lunar eclipse is due to start at 0706 GMT and last until 0824 GMT, the US space agency said.The moon will fully emerge from the Earth's...  Full Story
Low blood sugar bad for marital bliss: study
Low blood sugar isnLow blood sugar isn't good for marital bliss because it makes spouses more prone to anger and aggression, says a new study.The findings are based on experiments with 107 married couples asked to monitor their glucose levels before breakfast and bed every day for 21 days.In addition, researchers gave them voodoo dolls representing their significant ...  Full Story
Fur flies as US gets to grips with feral cats
Cats are prepared to be spayed or neutered at the Washingon Human Society (WHS) Spay and Neuter Center, on April 6, 2014It's Friday night in Eckington, a quiet residential corner of Washington, and the back alley is crawling with feral cats -- rich pickings for seasoned cat-trapper Marty King."Here, kitty kitty kitty kitty," said King after setting four metal traps baited with flaked shrimp and fish cat food and lined with fresh newspapers."If they're hungry and the...  Full Story