Science and Technology  October 31, 2014
US right-to-die woman holds on, in new video
This 2013 photo obtained October 30, 2014, courtesy of Compassion & Choices and, shows Brittany Maynard and her Great Dane puppy CharlieA young American woman with terminal cancer who triggered shock and controversy when she said she would kill herself on November 1 now says she may wait a little longer.Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old brain cancer sufferer, won notoriety earlier this year when a video of her making her suicide threat went viral and was seen by millions of web-users...  Full Story
US theaters advised to ban 'smart' watches and glasses
Google Glass is demonstarted at the National Press Club in Washington on April 4, 2014A pair of influential US film industry organizations on Wednesday put out word that movie theaters should ban smart watches or eyewear that could be used to record movies.The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners updated a film-theft prevention policy to recommend zero-tolerance when it comes to movie ...  Full Story
Rocket failure casts spotlight on risks of space flight
The Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares rocket explodes moments after launch on October 28, 2014, at NASAThe explosion of a privately owned rocket on its way toward the International Space Station cast a spotlight on the risks involved with NASA's reliance on the fledgling commercial space industry, experts said Wednesday.The accident was the first major setback since private companies stepped in to replace US access to space after the 30-year space s...  Full Story
Orbital rocket explodes after launch
This October 25, 2014 NASA image shows the Orbital Sciences CorporationAn unmanned rocket owned by Orbital Sciences Corporation exploded in a giant fireball and plummeted back to Earth just seconds after launch on what was to be a resupply mission to the International Space Station."The Antares rocket suffered an accident shortly after lift-off," NASA mission control in Houston said, describing the blast at Wallops Is...  Full Story
Orbital cargo ship readies for Monday launch
The Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares rocket, with the Cygnus spacecraft onboard, is raised at launch Pad-0A on October 25, 2014, at NASAOrbital Sciences Corporation's unmanned Cygnus cargo ship is preparing to launch to the International Space Station Monday, aiming to carry some 1,500 pounds (680 kilograms) of materials for space experiments.The planned supply mission, the third for the private company to the orbiting lab, is set for 6:45 pm (1045 GMT) from NASA's Wallops Flight F...  Full Story
SpaceX returns to Earth loaded with lab results
The SpaceX Dragon capsule has been docked in orbit with the International Space Station (ISS) since September 23SpaceX's unmanned Dragon spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday carrying a heavy load of NASA cargo and scientific samples from the International Space Station that experts hope could yield significant results.A boat was ferrying the spacecraft to a port near Los Angeles, where NASA said the haul of 1.5 tonnes of experiment resul...  Full Story
Australian doctors transplant 'dead' hearts in surgical breakthrough
Australian surgeons say they have used hearts that had stopped beating in successful transplants, in a world first that could change the way organs are donated.Australian surgeons said Friday they have used hearts which had stopped beating in successful transplants, in what they said was a world first that could change the way organs are donated.Until now, doctors have relied on using the still-beating hearts of donors who have been declared brain dead, often placing the recovered organs on ice and rushin...  Full Story
Thaw reveals Antarctic explorer's century-old notebook
A notebook from Robert ScottA photographic notebook from Robert Scott's ill-fated Antarctic expedition has been found after a century trapped in the ice of the frozen continent, New Zealand's Antarctic Heritage Trust said.It belonged to scientist George Murray Levick and was discovered outside Scott's 1911 Terra Nova base during last year's summer ice melt.Writing in the note...  Full Story