International  August 31, 2015
Ukraine president vows 'severe' punishment for instigators of deadly Kiev clashes
Smoke rises near the parliament building in Kiev as activists of radical Ukrainian parties, including the Ukrainian nationalist party Svoboda (Freedom), clash with police officers on August 31, 2015Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday said those behind deadly Kiev clashes that erupted after a vote on autonomy for separatist eastern regions deserved severe punishment, calling the violence a "stab in the back.""It was an anti-Ukrainian act for which all of its organisers without exception -- all representatives of political forces -- ...  Full Story
Deadly clashes in Kiev over autonomy plan for rebel regions
One policeman was killed and dozens injured Monday in street battles with protesters in Kiev as Ukrainian lawmakers gave their initial backing to controversial legislation granting more autonomy to pro-Kremlin rebel regions.It was the worst unrest in the capital since a bloody popular uprising ousted Moscow-backed Viktor Yanukovych early last year,...  Full Story
Ashley Madison says site growing, insists women are using
A hacker group identified as the "Impact Team" released emails and user account information of Ashley Madison members stolen from the companyEmbattled dating-for-cheaters website Ashley Madison insisted Monday that a massive hack and release of user data had not affected the site's prospects, with hundreds of thousands of new members -- including real women.Parent company Avid Life Media rejected an analysis by tech new site Gizmodo suggesting that most of the infidelity site's supposed...  Full Story
Europe's migrant crisis: key questions
Illegal migrants demonstrate against British government, on August 20, 2015Europe's refugee and migrant crisis has escalated over the summer, leaving the continent divided over how to deal with a flood of people led by Syrians fleeing war in their homeland.A record surge in numbers, and the opening up of new routes over the Balkans in addition to the Mediterranean sea route, have prompted the EU to call a special meeting ...  Full Story
Syrians take long way round by biking to new life in Arctic
The Storskog Boris Gleb border crossing between Norway and Russia near the Norwegian town of Kirkenes in the far north of the country, pictured on June 6, 2013A group of intrepid Syrian migrants have found a new, albeit long, way into Europe -- through Russia and into Norway's Arctic, some of them cycling across the border. While thousands of refugees fleeing the war-torn country are risking their lives by boarding overloaded boats to cross the Mediterranean, others have chosen to fly to Moscow before tr...  Full Story
Austria orders migrants from trains at Hungarian border
Migrants travel on the train to Austria and Germany at the Eastern (Keleti) railway station in Budapest on August 31, 2015Austrian security forces stopped two trains with several hundred migrants near the border with Hungary on Monday, a police spokesman said, hours after authorities in Budapest let them leave despite many not having EU visas.The trains were halted near the Hungarian border town of Hegeshalom, where Austrian police proceeded to check their papers.One ...  Full Story
Austria smuggler crackdown as Europe divided over migrant crisis
A Syrian man who lost his legs after shelling near Damascus is helped by other migrants after crossing the border from Greece to Macedonia on August 29, 2015The hunt for people smugglers led to a security crackdown and massive tailbacks on Austria's border with Hungary on Monday, as Europe struggled to present a united front on the huge influx of migrants and refugees.Austria's tightened security followed the discovery of 71 dead migrants, four of them children, in an abandoned lorry near the border wi...  Full Story
Blast at Syria's Palmyra prompts fears for famed temple
The ancient Syrian city of Palmyra where Islamic State jihadist group has reportedly blown up parts of the Temple of Bel, the second such act of destruction in a weekA powerful blast in the ruins of Syria's ancient Palmyra raised fears Monday that the Islamic State group has damaged another of the Middle East's most treasured heritage sites.Both Syria's antiquities chief and a monitor reported Sunday's explosion in the UNESCO World Heritage site, but there was conflicting information on the fate of its famed Te...  Full Story