International  April 17, 2015
US condemns 'brutal' FARC attack in Colombia
A Colombian soldier puts flowers on a shrine at a military base in Medellin, Colombia on April 17, 2015, in tribute to eleven soldiers killed in an attack by Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillasThe United States branded a FARC attack that killed 11 Colombian soldiers "brutal" and accused the Marxist guerrillas of violating their unilateral ceasefire.The attack on Tuesday-Wednesday came as the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are in peace talks that have been under way in Havana since November 2012...  Full Story
Intense Yemen bombing, Qaeda attack after UN peace call
A picture taken on April 17, 2015, shows the remains of the Republican Palace, following a reported air raid, in the city of TaezUN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for international action to end the Saudi-led air campaign on Huthi rebels as intense bombing hit Yemen again Friday and Al-Qaeda seized more ground in the chaos.Columns of smoke rose over an arms depot targeted by warplanes east of the capital Sanaa, witnesses said.The facility belonged to the elite Republic...  Full Story
UN says 'differences' emerge in Libya peace talks
Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, Bernardino Leon, holds a press conference ahead of a new round of peace talks on the Libyan conflict on April 15, 2015, in the Morrocan city of SkhiratThe UN said it was trying to narrow differences between Libya's rival parliaments over an agreement aimed at forming a unity government to end unrest tearing the country apart, as fresh fighting broke out near the capital Tripoli.The differences emerged in written observations by the two sides on the agreement envoy Bernardino Leon is trying to cli...  Full Story
Gun battles rock Mexican border city
The Rio Grande stretches westward, forming the border between Reynosa, Mexico (L), and the United States on May 20, 2013 near McAllen, TexasGunfights erupted in broad daylight in a Mexican city across the US border and vehicles were torched, apparently in reaction to a drug cartel leader's arrest, officials said.There were no immediate reports of casualties from the clashes in Reynosa, a city of 610,000 located across from the Texas town of McAllen, but a US consulate warned Americans ...  Full Story
Terror arrests in Australia over planned ANZAC Day attack
Australia raised its threat level to high in September 2014 and has since carried out a series of counter-terrorism raidsFive men were arrested in Australia on Saturday with two of them allegedly planning a terrorist attack on a ceremony commemorating ANZAC soldiers who have fought and died for their country.Seven search warrants were executed in Melbourne by a joint counter-terrorism team, two months after Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned the threat from home-grown...  Full Story
South Africa attacks on foreigners spark anger abroad
A resident raises his hands as a South African anti-riot police officer raids a hostel in Benoni on April 16, 2015 Countries neighbouring South Africa on Friday prepared to evacuate their citizens from South Africa as the UN raised the alarm over deadly xenophobic attacks which have displaced thousands.The anti-foreigner violence, which erupted in the eastern port city of Durban, has left at least six people dead and spread to the economic hub, Johannesburg."In...  Full Story
"Isis" dropped from UN hurricane name list
The UN weather agency announced on April 17, 2015 it is dropping "Isis" -- the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess that also happens to be the acronym for the Islamic State jihadist group -- from its stocklist of Pacific hurricane namesThe UN weather agency announced Friday it was dropping "Isis" -- the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess that also happens to be the acronym for the Islamic State jihadist group -- from its stocklist of Pacific hurricane names."Isis" was replaced with "Ivette" on an alphabetical list of hurricane names for the eastern north Pacific region next year...  Full Story
Discreet but proud: The Armenians of Istanbul
Yasmin Rostomyan shows old pictures from her family at her home in Istanbul on March 27, 2015Yasmin Rostomyan makes no big outward show of her origins but works daily to keep her Armenian heritage alive and preserve it for the future in modern Turkey."Turkey is my country, I do not want to leave," she says. "And I don't want my children to be obliged to leave. If they can stay here, that would make me happy."Yasmin is one of around 60,000 ...  Full Story